Contextual alpha

I started that feed store with 26% body fat weighing 160, and I left that feed store at 8-10% body fat weighing 160 lbs. I stopped lifting and dieting and lost 10lbs of muscle the next month, how many people do you know can say that? Why you gonna take advice from someone who hasn’t […]

The path we take.

The main manager at that feed store was old. Old as shit. The dude hired only women to cashier. They were his pets. He would sometimes pet them, buy them coffee, let them wear short shorts, let them wear shirts with the side cut off (side boob), he would get anxious and pass on younger customers. […]

In Odin We Trust.

Intelligence is knowing what the future holds. I now speak briefly about some verbal abuse and constant distasteful situations I took on a 40/hr week bias for over a year from seemignly everyone employed at that location, why? I needed motivation of what not to be. Something about getting paid to go to AA meetings […]