How to get jacked without thinking to hard.

Anti-aging is the new organic.

On 9-3-17 I stopped lifting, and today is 10-9-17. I haven’t lifted in over a month. No creatine, no pump, and a really slack diet. My acne may have been caused by eating my emotions from not hitting the gym. Whatever, my results still speak.

metal mulisha DTOM home studio male fit jacked trap targaryen 28 man MAGA crossfit
At one point we become an emboyment of our thoughts.

I tossed these photos together before creating a youtube channel. These photos serve at my starting point. I’m a fan of simple when it comes to lifting. I do enjoy the long 5-20 minute video talking about lifting techniques or whatever strength related. At one point I said to myself “no more spending money on something that my body can do on it’s own.”

metal mulisha DTOM home studio male fit jacked trap targaryen 28 man MAGA antiaging

I visit my local supplment stores often because the mall is close and it gives me a reason to go out. I shop for probitoics in the cleanance section. I notice a lot of men shopping for testosterone boosters. My understanding is drinking kills testosterone production and slows muscle protein something.

metal mulisha DTOM home studio male fit jacked trap targaryen 28 man MAGA flex strength

People say you can’t out train your mouth. My body fat is higher than it was a month ago, but i’m always focused on not letting my body eat itself. Maybe I have a dad body.

metal mulisha DTOM home studio male fit jacked trap targaryen 28 man MAGA

It’s time to apply my training routine for traps and shoulders to chest and abs. My leg photos will in soon after I visit the beach.

That premium product? I’ll be writing a book.

A $20 pre-order gets a special Red Pill chapter.

Do or Die: The Birth of the Anti-Aging Mindset.

28 year old male regains his prime in 6 months

The shared riddle of Organic, USDA-Organic, Vegan, Natural, Healthy, Low-fat, Vegetarian, Low-Carb, Coconut Milk, Diet, Cardio, Gym, Workout, Fat loss, Fit, Yoga, CrossFit, and stretching.

All the key words listed above hint at something but doesn’t straight out say it.  Around 2016 I noticed a new industry or board of doctors: Anti-Aging. The main stream media hasn’t giventhis a lot of attention. You would figure people would be all about reversing the clock, but it’s easier, or at least more comfortable, to spend money on a product in hopes that decades from now you don’t look so old. The common person will push the idea that no one can avoid aging, you can’t reverse aging, we’re all going to die, and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy.

An anti-aging results cannot be bought. This status is not for sell. It must be earned.

what anti-aging stregnth training looks like
Wait for the half flex.

People are used to buying status. This is not a sustainable model, but it does make a lot of money for someone at the top. Death and illness is a billion dollar market. It is taboo to talk about stuff like that hypocrite of an actress who called Trump a raging coke addict then overdosed on coke the next year.

The opposition to Anti-Aging is often so ugly that society deems it politically incorrect to talk about them.

Time fixes everything.

I’ve learned to fight like hell.

Here is a photo of me from late 2014.

mid twenties skinny fat male
I was OD’ing on sugary drinks.

Do I have a lot of photos of me tracking my transformation in the early stages? No. I held this body composition, skinny fat, for years. I do have mile stones that I will share in videos.

Here is a photo of me after I adopted a rationally mindset in 2016.

MAGA man wakes up to find himself with the privilege of having a great body after a year of hard work.
Life goes on, with or without you, and life turned back my clock without me knowing it: Hard work pays off.

Do You Even Lifts, or dudes who don’t look like they go to the gym, have accused me of taking steroids to my face. I laughed in their face and, as an aspiring rapper, destroyed their egos in eight bars.

My situation was literally life or death.

There’s a lot in-between life and death like…

Fighting like hell to maintain decent quality of life or a living hell.

anti aging looks like steroids
I can see why the haters were hating. Mean while I’m not counting calories.

Have I achievedtotal body results? No, I will track my progress. Today I report what muscles I DO KNOW HOW TO TRAIN: Traps, shoulders, arms, back and quads.

natural stregnth training
I made a CL ad about looking for roommates and noted that I like beaches and weights (photo on the right had a white board). Got a TON of replies. One of them said, “Great job bro. It’s now time to train chest and abs.”

How to look like you’re on steroids without taking steroids.

My situation was more extreme but I was able to test training methods. I applied what I knew and achieved these massive results within six months without a gym membership, without buying protein powder, without pre-workout, with minimal supplements and of course without buying steroids.

late twenties male jacked hot swole sexy
Sep 2017. No pump. photo taken after a month of not lifting.

No cardio, no monthly pre-workout, no monthly gym membership, no monthly 5lb protein powder, no monthly casein protein powder, no drives to the gym, minimal equipment ($40-ish), minimal monthly supplements (fish oil and multi-vit), no insane diets, no expensive diet, no no cheat meal diet, no sheer force of will training routine, no long workouts, and no steroids. My number one goal WASN’T gains. It was not getting injured. Second goal was to build a base. Third goal was to avoid being catabolic. Fourth goal was to have fun. fifth goal was some tribal stuff.

Walking around like this feels great.

There are few anti-aging products at this time.

I am creating a book in the near future. To pre-order and support:

I will track my progress to continue to show that I know what I’m talking about: Anti-aging. Muscles never go out of fashion.

4-17. After a chest workout. (currently in the process of applying my routine to chest and abs). My goal is to look like this without flexing aka muscle tone

To attempt to buy a high demand status in todays society while betting 50 years out is a low quality bet.

I don’t buy into the 2016 USDA-organic hippie mindset. The majority of the people I knew who did either smoked or drank: Two of the most heavily GMO’ed products on the market. Then again the conservation of energy is real: These people all aged at a rapid rate while I turned back the clock eight years.

No comments. Get your skin in the game: Make a blog or whatever show casing what you think or what you buy into. Perhaps as time goes on my opposition and I will be highlighted to make ethical rational choices in society.

Then again this problem will correct itself in a couple generations.

Some people will say, “I just want to die happy” and take the high road while indulging in whatever socially acceptable / available drugs while putting no money in the future. Dying in fashion has been trendy since the dawn of time. In today’s society if we can make it another decade we can perhaps live indefinitely.  I am working towards claiming my adult body and avoiding making choices like this dying breed like exploring mastery over sedating myself with drugs while watching the latest public programing.

Viva La Vida or Veni Vidi Vici.

thinking cheat meal
& I’m now at a point where I don’t need a filter.